YONAKA – Seize The Power


Woke up this morning, I feel so fucking important
I looked in the mirror, I’m different, I finally made a decision
All the rejected that lost a lack of respect in
Themselves ’cause people get hectic
They hurt you and make you feel helpless
They’re not brave like you, they’re too scared to do
Anything that’s different, anything that’s new
I don’t need lessons, I do what I want, it’s refreshing
As soon as you taste independencе
You start living life in the presеntHey there, how you been?
I’m the voice in your head and I know you been aching
When you find me, let me in
I got power in my hands and it’s yours for the taking

Give me a rule and I’ll break it, your conscience needs a shaking
I’ve been here before, I know the mistakes you’ll be making
Forget the past, it’s over, forget being the joker
Let ’em know that you’re home and you’re in control
Gather ’round, here’s how to get what you want
Introduce a new religion of feeling like a boss
You don’t need lessons, you do what you want, it’s refreshing
As soon as you taste independence
You start living life in the present

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