Spermbirds – Try Again


When every day life starts to get you down
And your problems seem too many
And when your job is shit, the rent is due
And you’re down to your last penny
Where do you go? who do you count on?
When there’s no place left to hide
When your parents don’t like you and they told you so
They wish that you have died

I look at you – and I know what to do (x4)

Now I’m not here to preach or tell you
The way you have to live
Just stop and think about what you want
And what you want to give
Goddamnit LIFE is what we’re here for
Not to watch fuckin’ TV
But if that’s where you think the answer is
Then you better get away from me

I look at you – and I know what to do (x4)

You got to get up in the morning and try again
Not tomorrow – to it today
Young or old – it don’t matter man
Don’t let your life slip away
You got take a chance – push yourself
Stand up for what you know is right
Don’t take no shit from anyone
Let’ em know that you’re ready to fight

Now, there’s no easy answers
But here’s my final advise to you
Take control of your life, man
Work hard & follow through
And if a friend is travelling a rocky road
Then help him on his way
Tell him that he’s got to try again
And try harder everyday

I look at you – and I know what to do (x4)

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