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Celina Sharma & Emiway Bantai – Lean On

Lyrics: Know you got pain Deal with it in your own You’ll go insane I wanna help move the load Oh out your way But I can’t make you You’ve gotta want to So if you ever feel the need to You can call me on a late ni-night You can take your time You […]

Rudimental – Lay It All On Me ft. Ed Sheeran

Lyrics: All alone as you look through the door Nothing left to see If it hurts and you can’t take no more Lay it all on me No, you don’t have to keep it under lock and key ‘Cause I will never let you down And if you can’t escape all your uncertainties Baby I […]

Halestorm – I Am The Fire

Lyrics: Am I brave enough? Am I strong enough? To follow the desire That burns from within To push away my fear To stand where I’m afraid I am through with this Cuz I am more than this I promise to myself Alone and no one else My flame is rising higher I am the […]

Barenaked Ladies – Looking’ Up

Lyrics: Some people wanna take a high dive into a drink Some people wanna watch the world swirl into the sink Why would you argue is the glass half full? It’s a mess I drank the first half; you can drink the rest Hey! One foot on the pedal One hand on the wheel Don’t […]

Ella Henderson – Brave

Lyrics: Oh darling, dry your eyes It’ll be alright, just look to the sky now Come and lay here in my arms I can feel your heart I’m by your side now I’ll handle your fears for you, cry your tears for you When the rain keeps falling down I’m standing right here for you […]

Aswad – Shine

Lyrics: Ooh, aah, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-aah Ooh, aah, ooh-ooh-ooh-ooh-aah Come on and shine (shine), shine like a star (ah-ha) Shining so bright (ah-ha), like the star that you are (ah-ha) Oh oh oh oh shine (shine), into the future (ah-ha) Spreading your light (ah-ha), wherever you are (ah-ha) I burn like a fire left in the rain […]