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Katy Perry – Smile

Lyrics: Yeah, I’m thankful Scratch that, baby, I’m grateful Gotta say it’s really been a while But now I got back that smile (Smile) I’m so thankful Scratch that, baby, I’m grateful Now you see me shine from a mile Finally got back that smile (Smile) Every day, Groundhog Day Goin’ through motions felt so fake Not myself, not […]

Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande – Rain On Me

Lyrics: I didn’t ask for a free ride I only asked you to show me a real good time I never asked for the rainfall At least I showed up, you showed me nothing at all It’s coming down on me Water like misery It’s coming down on me I’m ready, rain on me I’d rather be dry, but at least I’m alive Rain […]

SAZ and Justin Timberlake – The Other Side (Trolls)

Lyrics: You’re preachin’ to the choir, stop hatin’ on yourself Quit playin’ with your mind, you’re spinnin’ If you think that I’m a liar, just try it for yourself The clouds will open up, blue skies are willing Yeah, I know it’s so hard to throw away The clouds will open up, blue skies are willing Back on your feet again, lift your head, […]

Andra Day – Rise Up

Lyrics: You’re broken down and tired Of living life on a merry-go-round And you can’t find the fighter But I see it in you so we gonna walk it out And move mountains We gonna walk it out And move mountains And I’ll rise up I’ll rise like the day I’ll rise up I’ll rise […]

Harry Styles – Treat People With Kindness

Lyrics: Maybe, we can Find a place to feel good And we can treat people with kindness Find a place to feel good I’ve got a good feeling I’m just takin’ it all in Floating up and dreamin’ Droppin’ into the deep end And if we’re here long enough They’ll sing a song for us And we’ll belong Maybe, […]

SplytSecond – All The Way (Official Music Video)

Lyrics: (Verse 1): Explosive lyricism needs a bomb squad to check the song Better bars than the hottest honestly the hardest artist slept upon You against me? Painfully one sided Like Shia Lebouf tryin his luck with a Decepticon (Dragon roar) is heard when I’m arriving to the scene Haters don’t let up then I […]