About Positivitytube

This site is for videos that only have a positive message.
( Just music videos at first, but now there is other kinds of videos too)

There is too much negativity in the world and we need more positive attitudes.
You can search this site for music videos/songs that have a positive message, no negativity allowed 🙂
There is already far too many songs about anger/breakups/problems/negative drama etc, etc. Unfortunately it seems to have become the standard of  mainstream music, our current culture,and society and in general to focus on negative things instead of positive.

Sure, you can find positive songs on youtube, but you will always have the sidebar suggesting other videos that are definitely not so positive, you’ll probably soon find yourself watching random things on youtube that certainly don’t come from a vibe of focusing on what’s positive. This site aims to be all positive, all the time! 🙂

We welcome songs(especially music videos)  that have a message of love, friendship, gratitude,happiness, positive thinking, and making the most of what you have, no matter your situation, there is always something to be grateful about and the situation can always be improved as long as you have a positive attitude 🙂

You can make a profile on this site to save your playlists of favorite songs and you can also get involved by suggesting videos from Youtube, etc. through the “Submit Video” link at the top right of the site. (that link can be seen when you are logged in)

It’s free to register and the help is appreciated. 🙂

We accept videos from every genre of music, mainstream or not, and will be adding more categories as we go.

This “About” page will be rewritten better sometime 🙂