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Tobi & Manny – Destined For Greatness (ft. Janelle)

Lyrics: This world won’t tear me down It’s I who wears the crown They hate to see me now There’s greatness all around Destined for greatness Back in school days I was known for my lateness Always wanted more, wouldn’t ever try to take less Always been a real guy, never liked the fakeness Never […]

Good Day – Nappy Roots feat. Gregg Street (Official Video)

Lyrics: “Good Day” (feat. Gregg Street) Let’s begin now Know today, I woke up this morning, and I said You know, instead of waitin’ on a good day Waitin’ around, through ups and downs, waitin’ on somethin’ to happen I just said… We’re gonna have We’re gonna have We’re gonna have a good day And […]

Calvin Harris – Let’s Go ft. Ne-Yo

Lyrics: Let’s go Make no excuses now I’m talking here and now I’m talking here and now Let’s go Your time is running out I’m talking here and now I’m talking here and now It’s not about what you’ve done It’s about what your doing It’s all about where you’re going no matter where you’ve […]

Ricky Martin – The Cup of Life (Official video)

Lyrics: Do you really want it? [x3] Go, go, go, ale ale ale [x2] Go, go, go, here we go, yeah [1] – The cup of life, this is the one. Now is the time, don’t ever stop Push it along, gotta be strong. Push it along, right to the top [2] – Como Cain y Abel, es un […]